Still Locked-Down

Apparently its been 347 days since we first went into lockdown. Thats nearly a year! Its probably a good job that we didn’t know then what we know now.

For me, peresonally, this time has given me space to finish some outstanding projects and take some online classes with people I have admired but wouldn’t normally be able to take a class with.

Firstly I was able to join Nicholas Ball @quiltsfromtheattic for his Improv triangles class. I chose a limited palette of blue and green, I think these look like sailing boats so called the piece ‘Regatta’. I will quilt it with straight lines.

Secondly, I did a Masterclass with Jo Avery @joaverystitch and learnt improv curves, making up a quarter block of her Dandelion Clock pattern.

Back in November I was able to join Vendulka @Oliven for a class on her faux chenille. This is a technique I’ve wanted to try for a while and I was very pleased with the result.

And finally I joined a design class hosted by Carolina Oneto which was hosted in Brazil and joined by ladies from India, USA and the UK. A truly international opportunity. These are two pieces I made as a result of the class.

I look forward to when we can all meet up for face to face classes but will miss having these opportunities

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Back to Normality?

We’ve been in lockdown now for almost 150 days which seems crazy.  I dont feel like I’ve achieved as much as I should have done but the important thing is I’m still here with most of my sanity intact!

A lot of my students have been asking when they can start coming back to class and I’ve now put together a short programme to start welcoming everyone back into the sewing studio.  I’ve had to put in place a few changes to keep a safe sewing space but hopefully everyone will soon adjust to the new regime and will feel comfortable coming back to classes.

You can see the list of classes here – Programme Autumn 2020


There are some fun new projects coming up so I hope you will come and join us!

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Lockdown Sewing

Its going to be a long few weeks (or months) for many people.  But for me it feels like a pause button has been hit. I know I am very fortunate; I dont have to work, I dont have small children to occupy, my vulnerable family members are well looked after, and I have food in the cupboard.  What better time to work my way through all those UFO’s?

As well as doing my own sewing, I feel that I want to do something for others during this time.  Some while ago I came across a charity that makes bags for girls in Zambia to carry their reusable sanitary products in so that they can go to school every day of the month and dont miss out on education.  The charity is called Sew Powerful  I downloaded the pattern, had a quick look and then it just sat there.  Until yesterday!

I made my first bag!


As with any new project it was a bit of a steep learning curve and there were some things I didn’t get quite right.  So I made another one.


The OCD in me was a little upset that the elephants didn’t quite line up and weren’t in the middle of the flap but I hope the recipient wont mind!

The pattern is available as a free download from their site.  This is the beginner’s pattern but there is also an intermediate one as well which has more pockets.  The pattern is quite long so I wrote myself a shortened version as an ‘aide memoir’ when I make the next ones.

Sew Powerful Purse Worksheet

I hope that you will also be inspired to make a bag (or two)


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Oh dear, what a poor neglected website you have become!  But I promise to try harder in future to keep you updated.

Last week, on what felt like the hottest day of this heatwave, we had a lovely workshop where everyone was doing something different.  Nicki, a regular Thursday evening lady, brought along her niece to introduce her to the joys of patchwork and quilting.

Nicki made a coastal scene which she then put onto a canvas for her bathroom and Emily made herself a small bag.  The butterfly is foundation pieced; this was Emily’s first try at foundation piecing and she did brilliantly.  I hope that it has inspired her to try other textile projects in the future!

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With the purchase of a new laptop and trying to get to grips with Windows 10 I seem to have spent a fair bit of time of late grappling with technology.  But I think I’m winning!  I’ve worked out how to add documents to Google docs and in an attempt to impress I’ve written a short Newsletter which you can read here.

On a much more pleasing note, I’ve been busy making my daughter a grey and yellow quilt.


I’ve nearly finished making all the stars now, just another 9 little ones to stitch together.  Then I will sew them into 12 blocks, each block will have one large, one medium and one small star and then some plain squares to make it the right size.  I’m pleased with how its looking, I think it will go very nicely with the cushion I made them previously.


As they say, watch this space!

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Class Schedule for 2016

I’m pleased to say that I have now finished putting together the list of classes for next term.

There are lots of new projects to try but the classes are beginning to fill up so if you are interested then let me know to secure your place.  If you would like to do a specific project but aren’t able to come on the designated day then let me know and I will fit you in with another class.

The evening group will now be on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday but will be every week instead of fortnightly.

I hope that you will find something to tempt you!

Class List Spring 2016

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These are the start of some beautiful convergence quilts that were made in class this week.  It was fascinating to see the designs coming together and the points matching up!

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Happy Birthday!


Over the last week or two I’ve been working on a table runner for an 80th birthday present. I’m pleased to say it has now reached its now owner who is delighted with it!  It was a simple design using green and cream half square triangles.

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Festival of Quilts

The Festival of Quilts at the NEC is perhaps the biggest event on the UK quilt calendar.  I was lucky enough to be able to spend two days there seeing all the lovely quilts and visiting the stalls.  I may have succumbed a little too much 😉


Among all the 1000+ quilts on show, my favourite has to be this one by Zsofia Atkins.  She is part of the Modern Movement, a Hungarian quilt group.  I just love the colours, the background quilting and all those circles! A very modern quilt.  If you click on the image it will come up larger so you can see the detail better.


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A Winner!

Nicki comes along to the Wednesday evening sewing group and she made a bag as one of her first projects. Last weekend she entered it into a local show and won First Prize! What a thrill for both of us! Well done Nicki, I look forward to seeing what you decide to make next.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

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