Lockdown Sewing

Its going to be a long few weeks (or months) for many people.  But for me it feels like a pause button has been hit. I know I am very fortunate; I dont have to work, I dont have small children to occupy, my vulnerable family members are well looked after, and I have food in the cupboard.  What better time to work my way through all those UFO’s?

As well as doing my own sewing, I feel that I want to do something for others during this time.  Some while ago I came across a charity that makes bags for girls in Zambia to carry their reusable sanitary products in so that they can go to school every day of the month and dont miss out on education.  The charity is called Sew Powerful  I downloaded the pattern, had a quick look and then it just sat there.  Until yesterday!

I made my first bag!


As with any new project it was a bit of a steep learning curve and there were some things I didn’t get quite right.  So I made another one.


The OCD in me was a little upset that the elephants didn’t quite line up and weren’t in the middle of the flap but I hope the recipient wont mind!

The pattern is available as a free download from their site.  This is the beginner’s pattern but there is also an intermediate one as well which has more pockets.  The pattern is quite long so I wrote myself a shortened version as an ‘aide memoir’ when I make the next ones.

Sew Powerful Purse Worksheet

I hope that you will also be inspired to make a bag (or two)


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