With the purchase of a new laptop and trying to get to grips with Windows 10 I seem to have spent a fair bit of time of late grappling with technology.  But I think I’m winning!  I’ve worked out how to add documents to Google docs and in an attempt to impress I’ve written a short Newsletter which you can read here.

On a much more pleasing note, I’ve been busy making my daughter a grey and yellow quilt.


I’ve nearly finished making all the stars now, just another 9 little ones to stitch together.  Then I will sew them into 12 blocks, each block will have one large, one medium and one small star and then some plain squares to make it the right size.  I’m pleased with how its looking, I think it will go very nicely with the cushion I made them previously.


As they say, watch this space!

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  1. Mary Dale says:

    Love the cushion. Is there a pattern for it.


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